Our Future Ready Process

Who am I?

Surveys, activities and skill building tools provide self awareness needed to identify realistic career goals.

Where am I going?

Explore careers and clusters that match you and your goals. Get guidance from an eMentor.

How do I get there?

Find relevant programs and majors and identify schools and colleges offering the best return on your investment.



Smart Futures is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit software development organization in the field of education and workforce development. Our mission is to provide schools and education agencies with SmartFutures.org, an online career planning and portfolio platform that helps all students be ready for post-secondary success.

SmartFutures.org uses Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Career Education and Work as a blueprint for the software ‘s development. Implemented in hundreds of schools and agencies in our home state, SmartFutures.org now serves as a proven framework to delivering career planning, skill credentialing, and eMentoring within any classroom in the United States.


Activities Across K-Adult

Fun, interactive activities are presented across four grade ranges so that users have age-appropriate material as they progress through their schooling.

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92 Badges with Over 250 “I” Statements

SmartFutures.org uses badges to provide student-focused evidence of achievement. Activity completion leads to the award of Future Ready Badges across the four main academic standards for career education and work. “I” statements translate the learning into student-focused expressions of what they are empowered as a result of the learning.

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25 May 2010
  • Badge: Relationship Between Education and Career
  • Standard: Career Awareness and Preparation
I Statement:
  • I understand that there are many paths to career success.
  • I have identified post-secondary education that will help me reach my career goal.
  • I have identified 3 post-secondary programs in my career plan.
  • I have identified 3 post-secondary schools in my career plan.

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My Favorite Cards

SmartFutures.org uses interactive cards to help kids explore and research opportunities available to them, especially those within their local community. The site incorporates location-based Career Cards, Cluster Cards, Programs and Majors Cards and Schools and Colleges Cards.

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Skill Credentialing

SmartFutures.org values students’ gaining critical workplace skills while enrolled in school or a workforce readiness program. Skill improvement, badging and credentialing begins with math and reading and expands to include other 21st century skills critical to employers.

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Online Plan and Portfolio

All student completed work from k-adult is archived within the individualized Career Plan and Portfolio. Teachers and parents may access the Career Plan and Portfolio to monitor student progress and to demonstrate evidence of compliance for federal and state mandates.

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Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Instructors can monitor student progress and create class and grade level reports to satisfy annual Future Ready reporting requirements. Color indicators (green , yellow, red) visually represent progress against minimum compliance levels.

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What sets us apart, by the numbers


  • Number of career plans created 200K
  • Number of Future Ready Badges awarded last year 2M
  • Number of eMentor relationships 1K

Skill Building

  • Number of students improving their foundation skills 88K
  • Resulting increase in earning capacity $510M

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Who relies on Smart Futures?

As a small, Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization, we grow through word of mouth. As you can see, the word is spreading! However, there are still lots of districts, charter schools, CTCs, alternative and private schools, and CBOs that DON'T know about Smart Futures. Fortunately, we are here to present to your leadership team and quickly onboard your school(s) to participate.

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